Emma Carnation dress by Lindybop

Over the past 6 months, my style has started to evolve and I’ve been experimenting with alternative shaped dresses and skirts, than the standard full/circle that I previously leaned towards. One of the eras that has most taken my fancy recently is the sixties. The sassy, structured styles of the early 60s really appeal to… Continue reading Emma Carnation dress by Lindybop


Musings of a Non-bio Mum – One Year On

Today my son turned one. I can barely believe it. It’s so cliché, but the past year really has flown by. In October 2016 I wrote a post, about my expectations and fears of becoming a parent, more specifically a same-sex, non-bio parent. This went on to be my most popular blog post ever. For… Continue reading Musings of a Non-bio Mum – One Year On


Christmas Belle – Voodoo Vixen Review

Last weekend my wife and I put up our Christmas tree. Well, when I say we did, what I actually mean is she did. See, as I've mentioned previously, my wife is a festive fanatic. She loves any opportunity to celebrate any kind of holiday. She is VERY particular about how the tree looks and if I dared… Continue reading Christmas Belle – Voodoo Vixen Review