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Spring Limbo – Weekend Doll collaboration

Oh hey there! Welcome to that weird seasonal limbo between Winter and Spring! Is it warm, is it cold, is it raining? Who really knows!! I always find it a little hard to judge what to wear in these months, so particularly appreciate clothes that can easily see me through whatever the British weather has to throw at me. And thanks to Weekend Doll that’s exactly what I have with this cardigan and trouser combo.

I’ve had to take some time out of work for a couple of weeks, to look after my mental and physical health. I’ve been using the time to rest, read, do things that nourish me and spend time with people that make me smile. Whilst spending some time back at home with my family, I took the opportunity to spend an afternoon with my cousin at Virginia Water, a place that holds fond childhood memories. We laughed, walked, battled the wind, drank coffee by the lake and took photos for our respective blogs. It was good for my soul! These photographs are the outcome of our afternoon together – so thanks @Jocoatsey.

You may remember me having written about the trousers stocked by Weekend Doll in the past (if not you can see here) and how they perfectly fit my proportions without any need for adjustments. Well, we initially attempted a different style but I was faced with my usual difficulties; tight on the hips and loose on the waist. So, as the saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and we reverted to the previous style…. a 40’s style sailor trouser.

I went for these in a size 10 and before, these trousers fit my proportions (28/29″ waist, 43″ hips) PERFECTLY, aided by the gentle stretch in the fabric. They nip in at the waist, stretch over my butt and thighs and don’t require sky high platforms to stop them dragging on the floor; though I appreciate that this may not be such a pro for those longer-legged ladies. These black high waisted, wide legged trousers, have a classic nod to the nautical, with the white symmetrical buttons – all of which are functional! Priced at £46, I’d say that these trousers are worth every penny. Personally, I can’t put a price on finding trousers that fit! I’m already looking forward to rocking them with a cute blouse or cropped top for the warmer weather.

But, in the meantime I paired these trousers with the green Daisy long sleeved cardigan in a size Small. Thanks to the stretch in the trousers it is possible to comfortably tuck the cardigan in, giving it a chic, tailored look. Made from 90% cotton and 10% elastane, this mid weight cardigan is fabulous for this time of year, when you need an extra layer but don’t want to be bundled up in bulky knitwear. Can we also take a second to appreciate how wonderful the green looks against my newly brightened ginger hair 😀

Daisy is priced at £35 and is also available in black and mustard.

Disclaimer – these items were kindly gifted to me by weekend doll, however all opinions are my own honest views. I do not accept any items that I wouldn’t genuinely purchase myself.

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