Aloha!! Welcome to my teeny tiny corner of the Internet. 

My name is Gem Bow (yes, really!) and I’m be the woman behind Mrs Bow Retro. I’m a Mumma to Frankie and wife to Hannah. By trade I am a 30 something Psychiatric Nurse/Manager but by passion I’m a lover of fashion =D This blog is primarily dedicated to my love of all things retro, vintage and pin up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely no expert and I’m not a vintage purist. Whilst I’ve been a fan of the style for many years, only in the past year have I started to take more interest in developing my own style and trying new things. Due to clinical and sometimes corporate job court it is not always appropriate to go in for full-blown pin up glamour, which is why you’ll often find me in comfortable, casual retro styled outfits. But make no mistake, I still love the opportunity to get glammed up!

If you ask anyone I know, they’ll tell you that I LOVE a bargain! But why should this be a barrier to beautiful garments?! I’m an avid user of eBay, Facebook selling pages, repro sales and will often be found scouring the rails in various charity and thrift shops. As a result I’ve been able to grow a gorgeous wardrobe at a fraction of the retail price. I’ve also been dipping my toe in to the world of dress making and to date have made a few skirts and some dresses. I’ll be charting my progress as I navigate my way through a world of patterns, fabric and confusing terminology to hand make myself some new outfits.

As a psychiatric nurse and someone who suffers with mental health problems, it’d be silly for me not to share some of this on my blog. I’ll also be sharing my experiences of life as a same sex parent.

So in summary; fashion, mental health and LGBT parenting are my bag. 

I’m always excited by the prospect of collaborating with brands, be they the small one man band type affair or the larger more well known brands. Please get in contact so we can chat more! =) 


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