The Flat Lay Co Make Up Bag – A Review


If you are ever unfortunate to spend a day with me, you’ll quickly realise that 95% of my life is chaos and the remaining 5% is carefully organised. I’m untidy at the best of times and despite being a crucial part of my day, my make-up bag hasn’t escaped the wrath of my chaos. I was fond of my large, hold everything make-up bag, but sick of rummaging for the same items every day. I knew there had to be a better solution for organising my make-up and I was right. Along came The Flat Lay Co and their beautifully crafted pink blush flat lay bag. Priced at £22, this quilted creation has changed my morning routine for the better.

The Flat Lay Co is a female founded and female run business based in London. They set out on a mission to help women like me, by developing practical and attractive solutions for beauty products. The flat lay make-up bag was designed to save women time, whilst keeping quality and style high on the list.

I’ve been testing this bag for a few weeks now, including taking it on holiday, and I can honestly say I love it. Not only because it has encouraged me to finally sort out my products and only carry the ones that I actually use. Measuring a practical 18cm across when closed, the bag extends to 50cm when fully open. As the bag opens and closes using a drawstring, you can choose to open in anywhere between the two, so it fits to whatever space you have. This is one of my favourite features; my dressing table is rarely clear enough to open the bag fully, but I can just partially open it on my lap. There are two external Velcro pockets which are perfect for lipsticks or small eye shadow palettes. The internal zipped pocket is perfect if you have medication packets or feminine products you want to discreetly store and the eight elasticated loops are suitable for storing brushes, concealers, chunky pencils etc. This means that there is more than enough storage for everything I could possibly need. It’s genuinely so nice to be able to actually see what I need whilst I’m getting ready in the mornings, which inevitably happens in a rush.

The only downside relates to how precious I am about things like this getting dirty. Let’s be honest – it’s going to end up smeared in foundation and mascara and I’m not sure I will cope. I’m hoping that a spin in the washing machine (sans make up, obviously), will be enough to address that.

One thing’s for sure, my mother will be most pleased that I’ll stop emptying my grubby make up all over the bedroom carpet when I visit 😉

Disclaimer – this make up bag was kindly gifted to me by The Flay Lay Co, however all opinions are my own honest views. I do not accept any items that I wouldn’t genuinely purchase myself.


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