Nautical but Nice with Weekend Doll

Top and trousers – c/o Weekend Doll
Handbag – House of Fraser
Shoes – Miss L Fire

I’ve got a big butt and I cannot lie [about the fact that it makes buying trousers an absolute bloody nightmare]. If you follow me on Instagram (if not, why?!) then you’ll know that this is a battle I bang on about approximately once per fortnight. I HATE shopping for trousers on the high street, as it inevitably ends with me standing in an over-lit changing room, sobbing and with a pair of trousers stuck around my thighs, or with them sitting beautifully on my thighs but revealing an unattractive hint of a builders bum as they gape at the waist. I’m at the point now, where when I find a pair of trousers that actually work on my figure, I’ll get them in multiples.

My shape certainly isn’t extreme by any means. I’ve a fairly standard 28” waist and 42” hips. Unfortunately, that 14” difference means that buying off the rack trousers is difficult and soul destroying. The last time I shopped for trousers in mainstream stores I was left in tears, and that’s no over exaggeration.

Lucky for me, Weekend Doll have hooked a sister up in some perfect booty hugging, waist snuggling 40’s style swing trousers. And oh boy do I love them. I’ve been on an eternal search for navy swing trousers – the perfect staple for work and play and until now it’s been fruitless. I got these babies in a size 10 – which would be utterly optimistic in the majority of styles and they fit like a dream. I’ll admit, they pull ever so slightly on the beautifully placed side button fastening, but I’m not even mad. I know for a fact that if I were to size up to a 12, they just wouldn’t flatter me in the same way. At 5’4″ (ish) in bare feet I often find that trousers drown me in terms of their length and am frequently required to turn them up. These are perfect for my height, allowing me to wear a small heel. I do however wonder how well these would suit a longer leg. Priced at £42 these babies are worth every penny. Now I just need to get them in black and khaki to complete the four colour selection.

On to the top; this seriously soft, stretchy tee gives a subtle but definite nod to nautical styling; hence why we found ourselves at a boating lake for these photos. I sometimes find that high street t-shirts can be a touch on the long side, meaning that when they are tucked up they can leave a really heavy, unflattering line where the hem sits. This top is of the perfect length – long enough to comfortably tuck in and not ride up, but short enough to not be visible. The cute cap sleeves, gathered neckline and coordinating polka dot bow and trim add minimalist detailing to the striped jersey. This top is priced at £20 and is available in a number of colour ways, striped, plain and long sleeves.

I utterly adore this outfit and would be more than happy to wear it for both work and play. I’m also really looking forward to pairing both these items with other pieces from my wardrobe and know they will be getting a lot of wear!

Disclaimer – these items were kindly gifted to me by weekend doll, however all opinions are my own honest views. I do not accept any items that I wouldn’t genuinely purchase myself.


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