Diner Days with Dolly and Dotty – Janie Review

Although the Janie dress by UK brand Dolly and Dotty is a ‘diner’ style, the first thing that sprung to my mind was that it had a hint of vintage nurse about it. But not in a seedy kind of way. I was instantly transported back to the early days of my career, when I was a stripey uniform clad carer, undertaking a nursing degree. Since qualifying as a nurse, I’ve never been required to wear a uniform. Call me weird, but that makes me a little sad. Janie has provided me with the perfect solution and a touch of nostalgia.


Although Janie was also available in pink, green and white stripes, and black check print (now sold out bar size 10), it was a very easy choice for me to go with the blue and white stripe, not just for the reasons mentioned above.

I went for my usual dress size of UK 10, which is the same previous Dolly and Dotty dresses I’ve reviewed. Generally, the dress fits really well. Regarding size and fit, my only slight constructive criticism would be the size of the sleeves. I don’t think I have particularly large arms (or bulging biceps for that matter), but I found them to be rather tight. Not to the point where it’s unwearable, but definitely to the degree that my movement is slightly restricted. As I’ve mentioned in previous clothing reviews, I like my dresses to be fitted on the waist and the bodice. I think that had I chosen to size up to a 12 to have more room in the sleeves, the general fit would not have been as I’d like.


Janie features short sleeves, a sweet shirt style collar, large functional buttons, fitted waist and a flared skirt. It is made of 100% cotton and the quality of the fabric and construction is good. It comes with a matching belt, though my feeling was that this was a little flimsy and could have benefited from from being interfaced to provide more structure. Due to this, I’d be inclined to replace the belt with a slim white belt. If I fancied all out nurse-vibes I’d be going for an elasticated clasp belt! Janie is really sweet day dress and the perfect item for these early autumn days. It would easily take you towards the colder months when paired with tights and a cardigan.

Janie was originally priced at a very reasonable £39.99, but has recently been reduced to the bargain price £19.99. It is still available in all sizes UK 8 – 24, in both colour ways of the stripes.

Disclaimer – I was kindly gifted this dress by Dolly and Dotty, however all opinions contained within this review are a true and accurate reflection of my love for this item and have not in any way been influenced.


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