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The Seamstress Skirt- MissFortune

As someone who likes to occasionally dabble with a touch of dressmaking, I was immediately taken when I laid eyes upon the aptly named Seamstress skirt from Miss Fortune. Since my son arrived my sewing time has diminished considerably but that doesn’t mean I don’t still desire anything remotely haberdashery inspired.  I initially went out and shot the photos of this skirt on the same day as another dress; but having spent some time thinking about it, it made much more sense to have some photos taken in my own little sewing corner (despite the poor lighting). Plus this gave me the opportunity to style the skirt in two different ways. Considering that my son is the (most perfect) distraction to me actually getting any sewing done any more it also only seemed right that he gatecrash my photos….and then the dog joined in too. So, please excuse the mishmash of photos today =D

The Seamstress skirt is a vintage inspired gathered skirt, and one of Miss Fortune’s Neat-O range, which is also available in three adorable colour ways of the ‘30s bubble print. They are made from 100% cotton, making them perfect for the warmer months. I genuinely can’t tell you how much I LOVE the colours on this skirt. I adore pastel colours and to have so many of them feature in one item means that the possibilities for co-ordinating accessories and tops is practically endless.

The Neat-O skirts are available in 6 sizes, ranging from a 24” waist (XS) up to a 34” waist (XXL). I usually wear around a 28” waist, so went for the 29” (M), as the 26” (S) would have been far too snug. Since the skirts fasten with a zip and a button at the back, the button can be moved to enable you to increase or decrease the waist size slightly. If I get the opportunity I plan to move mine by a centimetre or two to make the waistband slightly more fitted, as per my preference, though it is still completely wearable without any alterations. I love the addition of the patch pocket on the right hand size; it’s the perfect size for a phone or lipstick.

One of the best things for me about Miss Fortune’s Neat-O skirts is that they are all made to order. Whilst this obviously very slightly increases the despatch timescale, I personally think it’s worth the wait. I am always a massive fan of ordering clothing that is made to order, as it always feels a little more personal and luxurious than buying clothing that is mass produced in a factory.

The Neat-O skirt in the Seamstress print is priced at £44.49, worth every penny and is available here.


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