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Maria, You’ve Gotta See Her – Collectif Maria Review

Since I already own the Collectif Maria swing dress in the Bloom print from last season, I knew how much I loved the cut and that therefore buying one in a different print would be a safe bet. I don’t tend to wear much white, primarily because I’m super clumsy and usually end up with grub of some sort on myself. Despite that, I was really taken with the Maria swing dress in Toile. I think it helps that the blue print helps prevent it from looking too white and will hopefully mask the stains when I inevitably throw food or drink down myself.

Maria is composed of 97% cotton and 3% spandex, making it the perfect summer dress. It features short sleeves, a deep v back with centre zip and a wrap around style bust line. The super full skirt can easily accommodate a large fluffy petticoat. Whilst I tend not to wear a petticoat on a day to day basis, I take great delight in finding dresses that I can wear to work as well as dress up for a night out. Maria definitely fits within this category, though I’d likely be inclined to wear a cami vest underneath it for work, to prevent any unwanted cleavage (I should be so lucky!)

According to the Collectif size charts I fall right within the Small/size 10 on the bust and waist measurements for this dress. Since it features a full skirt I didn’t need to worry about taking the size of my hips into consideration. For some reason, this dress felt slightly larger around the shoulders and bust than my previous Maria in the same size, despite the waist measurements being identical. As I like my bodice’s to fit quite snug and don’t have much of a bust I made the decision to have it altered slightly at the shoulders (after these photos were taken), which has also raised the bust line slightly. In all honesty I probably could have considered sizing down for a more fitted appearance.

Maria is priced at £62.50, with Collectif’s standard £5.50 UK shipping bringing the total to £68. This puts it within the mid to top range of what I’d be likely to spend on a dress. I love this dress and in my opinion, it’s worth the price. It is currently available in UK sizes 6-22.

I think this could be the beginning of a Maria addiction. I’ve already got my eyes on the English Garden (those colours!) right at the top of my list, closely followed by the stunning Charming Bird print.

DressMaria in Toile – Collectif
Shoes – Natalie – Kurt Geiger
Bangles – Splendette


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