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Romantica by Elements – The Perfect Raincoat

I genuinely never thought I’d have to wait for rain in this glorious country. But I did and when better for it to rain than the great British bank holiday. Yes, I could have shot this coat in the sunshine but I wanted my review to be authentic and to actually properly test out the quality of this coat. So, whilst it isn’t glaringly obvious in the photos (dammit) it was raining when I took these shots.

I love a good coat, really I do. I have coats for warm weather, coats for in between and coats for bitter cold. But I don’t really own any that are waterproof, which might be considered ridiculous being that I live in the UK, famed for its rubbish weather. All that ended when I discovered the wonder that is Elements Rainwear. Elements are a UK company that are based just down the road from me. Strangely this made me even more excited about working with them – I love a local business! The selection of coats that they make is literally endless and quite mind-blowing. Not only do you get to choose the style from a huge variety, you can then chose to customise it with a hood, pockets and even the material and pattern used to make your coat. This means that almost every item is made to order – where else can you get service like that?

I went with the Romantica coat, which is unsurprisingly one of their most popular styles. Priced at £60, this full skirted, belted rain mac has the perfect 50s aesthetic and was the one I felt would work best with my wardrobe and style. I’ve always been a fan of belted full skirt coats as I love for my biggest skirts and dresses to fit comfortably underneath them and not be all crumpled and squished. I’m also a sucker for a hood and to me it is a super sensible feature in a winter coat or rain mac, particularly if like me you suffer with fluffy hair when exposed to even mildly damp weather. Therefore, it was a no brainer for me that I would elect to have a hood on my coat.

Choosing the material and pattern I wanted proved to be somewhat more difficult.  The Romantica coat, like all coats from Elements, can be ordered in over 40 different materials; a range of colours, patterns and transparencies. To make things easier I was provided with a visual guide of the materials, but if this is not enough to help you choose you can also order a swatch book for £5. I made the decision to go with the PU material- NAT8; a semi-transparent material. I’d briefly flirted with the idea of a transparent polkadot before remembering that I’m super fussy about pattern clashing and probably wouldn’t get so much wear out of it. When you make an effort with your outfit it seems such a shame to cover it up so I love that this coat will keep me dry but still showcase my outfit underneath.


Having spoken with the very lovely and super helpful Natalie, I was advised to go with a size large based on my measurements. This allows for jumpers, cardigans and even a coat to be worn underneath the mac. Worn without many layers underneath, as in these photos, it is roomy around my bust and waist, but this is remedied by the waist tie. The hood is perfectly sized to accommodate even a large curl set, which is exactly what you want from a rain coat, right? The only thing that could have possibly improved this coat is pockets, but I’m fully aware that they wouldn’t look great, owing to the transparency. So, I can definitely live without them.

If you’ve been following Elements on social media (if not, why not?!) then you’ll have seen that they have just been shooting with the ever amazing Miss Deadly Red. Already I am in love with the gingham coats featured in the shoot and slightly kicked myself for having not chosen this option, though I think I’ll get more wear from this one. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if one eventually found its way into my wardrobe – even though I promised my wife no more coats for the rest of the year. What was I thinking?!

What will you be ordering?

Disclaimer – I was kindly gifted this coat by Elements, however all opinions contained within this review are a true and accurate reflection of my love for this garment and have not in any way been influenced!


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