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Fabulous Footwear at Revival Retro

In January I received an email from the lovely ladies at Revival Retro inviting me to a gathering at the boutique, to preview the upcoming shoe collection. Initially I figured I’d been emailed by mistake, but having clarified that it was indeed for me I was delighted to accept the invitation. So, at the end of February, myself and a group of ladies met at the store in London. There was a sea of pin curls, red lipstick and vintage glamour in the beautiful setting of the Revival Retro boutique, where we were surrounded by clothes my dreams are made of. Despite feeling like an anxious pigeon in a flock of flamingos for much of the day, I had the most wonderful time. It was a pleasure to meet the ladies behind this unsurprisingly successful business (Rowena and Sarah) and the other ladies, whom I have long admired from afar via social media.
Photo credit – Tory Smith

The first order of the day was the most important – to preview the vast selection of vintage styled shoes available on sale at Revival Retro. The collection features shoes from designers including Remix, Miss L Fire, Chelsea Crew and Chie Mihara. For those of you who know me and my shoe collection will understand how much I enjoyed this. A shoe trying frenzy quickly ensued, with each of us taking our favourites for a test run around the store. Rowena and Sarah were on hand to provide alternative sizes, answer any questions and tell us about each item.

I hadn’t heard of Chie Mihara prior to my visit to Revival but I’m certainly glad I have now. Giki caught my eye with its striking, almost reptilian pattern. For some reason, this shoe really reminded me of my cousin (she’d rock them!).

The Eva shoe from Remix was my hands (or feet) down favourite of the whole day. I’m not going to pretend the that £220 price tag is going to suit everyone’s budget, but if you can afford to invest then you won’t go wrong with these shoes. From the colour, to the striking and unique style, to the butter soft leather; these shoes are perfection top to toe.

The Irma shoe was probably the most popular style of the day, with five of us wearing it at one point. I’d seen them on the shops IG page a few weeks ago and they didn’t disappoint in the flesh. These beauties have earned the nickname The Apple Pie shoe from the Revival Crew and it’s easy to see why – they’re good enough to eat.

I’d long lusted over Miss L Fire shoes but never had the opportunity to try a pair on.  I was spoiled for choice and whilst I was really drawn to the green Addie style, it was Loretta that really stole my heart. These shoes are priced at £119 and are available for preorder, due to arrive later this month. Loretta comes in pink, emerald green and most excitingly, a lilac that is unique to Revival. I genuinely don’t know how I would choose between the three but I’m definitely leaning towards the latter.

Lola is available in both green and sparkly red.  These shoes surprised me. I expected to find myself feeling unsteady and uncomfortable in them; but that couldn’t have been further from reality. The heel height is enough to make a shortie like me feel like I possess decent legs but I still feel I could wear them on a night out without ending up in pain.

The day concluded with the opportunity to try on clothing to our hearts content, with my favourites including dresses from Sixton, Emily and Fin and Miss Candyfloss. Each of us were treat to a one on one photo session with the absolutely lovely Tory Smith, who had spent the day capturing lots of gorgeous photos, including some of those included within this post. In addition we had some fun playing at mannequins in the window. On this occasion I left the boutique with no clothes or shoes but a couple of pieces of jewellery, however I’m already looking forward to making a return visit and don’t intend on leaving empty handed!

A huge thank you to the Revival Retro girls for the invite, hospitality, ever flowing coffee and not least your kindness when my anxiety was playing games with me. The boutique is amazing, but you ladies are even better!

Photo credit – Tory Smith
Photo credit – Tory Smith
Photo credit – Tory Smith
Photo credit – Tory Smith
Photo credit – Tory Smith
Photo credit – Tory Smith

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