Beautiful Booms from Los Flamingo

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I’ve been a little absent recently. Those of you who follow my IG account will know that the reason for this is the fact that I have recently become a proud member of the Mumma club. Now that little man is nearly 3 weeks old, it’s time to get back to doing what I love, so here I am.

I’m kicking off the new year (exceptionally late) with these stunning brooches from Los Flamingo. The Australian company is the brainchild of Kirsten, who had noted an absence of affordable everyday retro/pin up clothing. She has over 15 years retail experience and this is her first solo venture. These adorable boomerang brooches are the first in what will soon be an expanding collection, which is due to feature a new brooch in the near future, followed by bangles. Kirsten hopes to eventually branch out into reproduction clothing and I for one can’t wait to see what she’ll be bringing out in future.


The boomerang shape used for the Atomic Boom brooch, or Skylark as it was also known, is an iconic design hailing from the 1950s, created by design consultant Brooks Stevens. Having initially featured heavily as a Formica pattern it was used for kitchen countertops. Since then, the boomerang print has become increasingly popular amongst the retro community and is used in homeware, fabrics and accessories.

I absolutely love the way that Los Flamingo has utilised this instantly recognisable design, whilst adding her own twist to it. The brooches are available in 6 colours that are true to the 1950s aesthetic; pink, lilac, mint, blue, yellow and red and measure 50mm x 40mm. Each colour is available with the enamel in a plain gloss or glitter finish. The gloss versions retail at $25AUS and the glitter $27AUS. With today’s exchange rate (19.02.17) it works out at £15.24 and £16.46. Shipping within Australia is charged at $5.99 and international shipping is $12.99 (£7.92).

Atomic Boom Brooches c/o Los Flamingo


One of the best things about these brooches is the way that they can be worn alone, or in combination with each other. This makes the colour possibilities almost endless and enables them to be colour matched (a personal favourite of mine) to any outfit. Versatility, for me, is a massive selling point for any accessory and these don’t disappoint.


Something tells me that, like a boomerang I’m going to keep coming back (see what I did there!) and my Los Flamingo collection won’t be stopping at two. I for one can’t wait to see what the future holds with the upcoming releases.

If you’re thinking of bagging yourself an Atomic Boom brooch, now is the perfect time as you can get 25% off Los Flamingo brooches between now and February 14th, using the code VD17. You can get yours here. I’d love to know your favourites from the collection.



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