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Crazy About Kirsty – A Review of Collectif’s Kirty Jean

I initially wrote this review a couple of months ago, however the Kirsty jeans promptly went out of stock. Now that they’re back it seemed only right to finally publish it.

I’d been lusting over the Kirsty jeans from Collectif for AGES, but since we found out we are expecting our first child in January, I’ve been more reluctant to spend out on new clothing for myself. Well, there’s a first for everything. A couple of months ago I was given the opportunity to help promote the new Collectif store in Commercial Street (nr Shoreditch) in return for an outfit of my choice. It was an absolute no-brainer that I was going to choose the Kirsty jeans, being as they’d been on my want list for some time. Lucky for me, the Commercial Street store had them in my size and I snapped them up. The current retail price of these jeans is £51.00 and they are in stock from size 6 to 22.

I often have a great deal of difficulty buying trousers, particularly jeans, to fit my shape. As such, this is my first pair of trousers from Collectif. My current measurements are 36-28-42 meaning I’ve got somewhat of a pear shape going on. When I find jeans to fit my thighs and giant tush, they tend to gape at the waist. When they fit my waist, the chances are I’ll not be able to sit down in them or worst case scenario even get them on. These jeans are suuuuuuper stretchy. So whilst I’d struggle to squeeze myself into a size 10 in the majority of Collectif’s other trousers I had absolutely no problem with the Kirsty. In fact, If I were to buy these again I would probably size down again and get them in an 8.

These jeans are really, really high waisted. This is great for me, but may feel a little odd for a lady who isn’t used to wearing high waisted trousers. The fact they are stretchy means they fit like a second skin and are very comfortable to wear. I’ve got pretty short legs but these trousers aren’t miles too long like many others I’ve tried. They also look nice turned up just above the ankle. I love the fact that these have an invisible zipper on the hip, which gives them a really sleek look at the front.

Are there any downsides? Well, yes, but they are very,very minor in my opinion. The material is pretty thin, which means it isn’t the most supportive or forgiving. For me that means that you can see the line of my stomach where my underwear sits. This is only accentuated by tucking a top into the jeans, which I’m rather partial to. I feel a little uncomfortable about this as it’s probably the only part of my body I’m truly self-conscious about. It could easily be solved by wearing a pair of control pants (which I am in these photos). The second is that the waistband area has a tendency to fold and crease when you sit down. I personally think it would benefit from some added structure, perhaps in the form of interfacing. This is no big deal as it’s something I could add myself.

So, would I pay the full price of £51.00 for these jeans? Yes, I absolutely would. I just hope they keep their shape and colour after a few washes. Only time will tell…

You can pick up your pair here, though I wouldn’t wait too long, as they’re likely to fly out of stock again.

My darling wife, Hannah, has insisted upon me mentioning that she very kindly took these photos (with only a small amount of resistance) whilst on a weekend away in Brighton for her birthday. Ta, love 😉


One thought on “Crazy About Kirsty – A Review of Collectif’s Kirty Jean

  1. Thank you beautiful wife! You look stunning in all these photos and your arse looks great, not being biased at all. Lovely blog and I’m sure you are going to help them sell out of these jeans again in no time x


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