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Jessie Wedge by Lulu Hun at Collectif

Since BAIT footwear hit the scene, I’ve often wished for a UK equivalent. There appears to be very few UK BAIT stockists and import taxes etc. make it a pretty expensive choice. Whilst the likes of Miss L Fire are obviously available and have an amazing selection, I find them too to be pretty expensive. I’m not saying that it is without justification but it’s nice to have options when you’re on more of a budget.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to do some promotion work for my favourite UK brand, Collectif. In return for my time I was able to choose a head to toe outfit. Since I’d been lusting over their new brand of footwear, Lulu Hun, it wasn’t a difficult decision to make. My wardrobe was sadly lacking in a casual but cute pair of navy shoes for the summer. Hence I selected the textured Jessie wedges in blue.

I’ve left this review for a couple of weeks to ensure I actually got the opportunity to wear them properly, enabling me to give an accurate review.


On the day I got them I walked approximately 7miles!! As you might expect, I sustained a few blisters around my toes. Though nothing that would put me off wanting to wear them again, as is often the case with new shoes I buy. I’ve since worn them again for a couple of full days and experienced no discomfort. The height of them is perfect, making them practical for wearing all day without suffering from the usual problems associated with heeled shoes. The wedge style makes them sturdy and practical for a clumsy woman like myself. The ankle strap is comfortable and stops them flapping around.

Price/Value for Money
These shoes retail at £48, meaning they’re at the more expensive end of their range, but in my opinion they’re well worth it. If I hadn’t been given these shoes in return for my time I’d have no hesitation is spending that much. It’s almost tempting to buy them in yellow too. They strike me as being shoes that I likely to last me a couple of seasons. Well, at least I hope they will!

This was a little odd for me. Whilst in store I was advised that the range tends to come up a little small and it was suggested I size up. I usually take a UK 5 (EU 38) so started with a UK 6. They were massive. I then went down to my usual size, a 5 and again found them to be too big. I eventually settled on a UK 4 and felt all Cinderella –like. The other lady who chose the same shoes took her usual size. My advice would be to check before sizing up!

I’m a sucker for a wedge shoe so these tick every box for me. I love the woven upper and the rope wedge. They’re absolutely perfect for a retro or vintage style but would look equally as cute styled with a pair of shorts or jeans for those with a more casual style.

In short, should you buy these shoes?! I’d give them a resounding ‘YES’. Top marks to Collectif for yet again hitting the jackpot. You can get your pair here.

Check out the rest of the Lulu Hun range here. All shoes are priced between £26 and £48 and there are some beautiful styles available. Something tells me this won’t be the last pair of Lulu Hun to end up in my wardrobe.






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