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Comfy Curls For Vintage Girls


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Up on the blog today is my review of an ahhh-mazing new product, Curlettes. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a tester set, so that I could review them for you guys! These wonderful curlers are hand crocheted by Celeste, here in the UK. Celeste says that she wanted to find a curler that would produce a sturdy and long lasting curl, but also be comfortable to sleep in. And so the Curlette was born.

I’m a self confessed lazy pinup; as a result pin curls are genuinely a no go. In addition, I have a very full head of very thick hair that doesn’t easily hold heat created curl. As a result, foam rollers have generally been my go to product of late for creating my favourite style. Unfortunately the plastic bars that hold the roller in place doesn’t really make for the best night’s sleep.

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So, I’m going to rate these curlers across five areas

It’s quite clear that Celeste puts a lot of effort into making these curlers. I was genuinely both surprised and impressed with the quality of the work when I open the package. I guess I expected them to be somewhat flimsier than they are. They do apparently get softer with use and washing.

Value for Money
Each pack contains 14 rollers. They are currently available on Etsy for £25 per pack, or £40 for two packs. However if you move quickly there is a code for 10% off these prices (keepitcurly). I would definitely say that these are great value for money. As mentioned, they can be washed using a gentle shampoo and subsequently reshaped. Show me a foam roller that lets you do that!

Ease of Use
It’s taken me  little while to get the hang of rolling my hair and ensuring that the ends are tucked in. It may not be the easiest for a complete novice, but those of you who have some experience will find this really straight-forward. They are just as easy, if not easier than foam rollers. They’re simple to fasten and stay in place once secured.

I actually initially put these in on Thursday morning and left them under a scarf whilst I spent the day gardening. In that instance they were very comfortable. In the interest of a fair review I put them back in again on Thursday night (having taken some photos) to allow me to sleep in them. I’m not going to say that I barely knew they were there, because I did. They weren’t uncomfortable per se and I did get a good night’s sleep. Again, those of you who are used to sleeping in rollers will obviously find this slightly easier. I believe that they’ll become more and more comfortable the more I use them.

I absolutely love the curls that I was able to achieve!! They’ve lasted all day, despite a busy day at work and some really muggy weather. For me, the only thing that could improve the results I achieved would be having another 5-10 curlers (due to my thick hair). I like a slightly looser curl, so if you like a tighter more ringlet style curl you’ll definitely need two sets. In future I’ll be spending a little more time on the setting and styling. Aside from this, I genuinely can’t fault them.

Should you buy a set? If like me you find that foam rollers work best for your hair but aren’t very durable or comfortable I would definitely recommend these rollers. Infact, I’ll be telling anyone who’ll listen!!  You can pick up your set here.

So here are the results (there’s only two photos, purely because I didn’t spend enough time styling the back as I was in a rush to get photos in daylight)…..

IMG_0720 (2)




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