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Accessorize All Areas

I’m a sucker for a handbag. Ask my wife; through gritted teeth she’ll vouch for me. This month it’s Accessorize’s range that’s getting me excited. I don’t really have any novelty bags in my collection at present but I think that might be all about to change. All of the babies below come in at under £40.

Enough of me rattling on. Judge it for yourself.

This shopfront boutique bag is reminiscent of the Vendula bags that many have come to know any love recently, but comes in at half the price.

Shopfront Bag – £32


This lemonade bag is perfect for sunny summers days and would look adorable pair with a cute dress.

Lemonade Carton – £32



The vintage radio bag totally hits the spot in my opinion. The pastel blue is beautiful and there’s just enough room inside for all your essentials.

Vintage Radio – £35


For those of you not into lemonade, get your fix of sweetness with the strawberry flavour milk.

Strawberry Milk Carton – £35



This travel themed Riveria suitcase is perfect for any city hopping holiday

Riviera Suitcase – £32


Not convinced yet? I’ve saved the best till last. I nearly fell over myself when I found this in store yesterday. This will definitely be the first to join my collection. If you choose to snap one up, just make sure you save me one 😉

Picnic Basket – £39




DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN?!?!? Phew. That a whole lotta cute. Hats off to you, Accessorize, you’ve done good!


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