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Bloomin’ lovely – Shazam Vintage Flowers

IMG_0531 (2)

I’m relatively new to making an actual effort with my hair and one of the simplest ways to enhance a hairstyle and give it a vintage/pin up edge is hair flowers. I recently discovered Shazam! Vintage Hair Flowers through Instagram and was instantly hooked on their work. Shazam specialist in 1940s and 1950s style hair accessories and the woman behind the flowers is Jan. She’s been involved in the rockabilly and vintage scene since she was a teenager is also the owner of Shazam Vintage; selling original and authentic vintage clothing. Jan is a multi-talented woman and is also a trained florist. She decided to put these skills to use making floral hair accessories, initially for herself and then later for friends and customers. Shazam have been selling floral hair pieces for 10 years now, initially on a trade basis and more recently directly to the public. Jan was kind enough to send me a selection of their flowers in return for a review.

It only takes a couple of minutes browsing their website/instagram/facebook pages to realise that they stock a HUGE selection of designs. There is something for everyone; whether you like massive statement pieces or smaller more subtle pieces. I’d previously have erred on the side of the latter, feeling too unconfident to wear anything too outlandish. Mainly due to my fear that I’d end up looking like I’d taken a shortcut through the bushes. As I become more confident in my style I’ve felt more able to step out of my comfort zone. Of the four designs I was sent, each being so different, I’m genuinely not sure I could pick a favourite….though who could say no to turquoise glitter.

The flowers themselves feel nice and sturdy and are clearly assembled with time and care. Each flower holds a Shazam Vintage tag, a nice personal touch that you’re unlikely to get with mass produced accessories. All but one of the pieces I received are fitted with crocodile clips, with the other one having a Kirby grip (bobby pin), meaning that they are easy to secure into the hair. A bug bear I’ve had in the past is that hair pieces can be overly weighty and pull on the hair. That is genuinely not an issue with these; they’re the perfect weight to stay where you place them.

The only problem I have now is which piece to choose next, how I’m not going to spend all my money with Shazam! and how to stop myself wanting to wear them all out at once!!

I’ll leave you with the photos. Names and prices and direct links are included under each set (where exact items are not available I’ve linked to the closest available). Shazam!’s whole range can be bought here a while you’re at it, go check out their facebook.

IMG_0540 (2)

IMG_0537 (2)IMG_0541 (3)

Iridescent Duck Egg Blue – Pastel Glitz

IMG_0603 (2)

IMG_0602 (2)

IMG_0597 (2)

Red Double Cymbidium -Cymbidium Orchid £7.50

        IMG_0581 (2)             IMG_0580 (2)

IMG_0543 (2)

Yellow and Green Rainbow Cymbidium £7.50

IMG_0585 (2)


IMG_0584 (2)

Hot Pink Single Phalaenopsis Orchid and Blooms Kirby Grip £5.50


3 thoughts on “Bloomin’ lovely – Shazam Vintage Flowers

  1. I bought ine of these from Viv if Holloway about 4 years ago & its always my ‘go to’ flower! I have very fine hair & most flowers sit a little proud, meaning there is daylight between my head & the flower! The Shazam is made in such a way that it nestles in flat to my head 🙂 I can also recommend Vintagebox 1947 in the States, for the same reason x

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