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A Whole Lotta Sparkle From Deluxe Creations


From the minute I became aware of Deluxe Creations via Instagram, I knew I was going to become a big fan and a regular customer of her work. Deluxe Creations is a relatively new business and the brainchild of the sweetest woman, Samantha. Soon after I began following the journey of DC leading up to the official launch, I was lucky enough to be offered to opportunity to review some of her work. Needless to say, i’d have been mad to have turned it down.



Sam took details of the things I truly love, namely anything pink, blue and glittery. Additionally, jewellery with a nod to my love of mermaids and flamingos always scores highly. I left it to her to select a variety of pieces that she thought I might like and patiently waited for my parcel to make its way across from the otherside of the world (DC is Aus based).



I was beyond excited when the parcel landed on my doorstep and frantically unwrapped the gorgeous gold boxes that held my goodies. It was a miracle I was able to pause to take photos of the internal packaging, as I just wanted to find out what was waiting inside…



I couldn’t have been happier with the choices that Samantha had made for me. Despite having been talking for a couple of months, it was almost as if she knew me!


Each piece is perfectly formed and of the highest quality. I cannot fault her work in any way. Each week DC bring out a new selection of items and I’m already making mental notes ready for making a purchase in the new year.

I currently wear the shell set and smaller earrings on a daily basis. They are cute and quirky enough to attract regular questions and coos of admiration, without being too out there to wear to work.

And that brings me nicely on to the following pair of earrings….


WOWZER! Pink. Glittery. Flamingos.


Clearly these aren’t so practical for daily wear and I fear the Judge may not be as impressed as me if I was to rock up for a day in court with these beauties hanging off my lobes. That doesn’t mean I haven’t considered it though =D

On that note, I suggest you hot foot it over to her Etsy pageΒ and grab yourself some glittery goodness. Just make sure you leave some for me!!!

(On a side note, I should remind my UK readers that DC are based in Australia and therefore orders over a certain value will be subject to UK customs fees. Please check this before ordering as DC can obviously not be held accountable for these fees)


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