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Let’s talk Christmas

Now I know some of you are going to hate me for this, but I want to talk Christmas jumpers. Yes, it’s still technically only November, but it’s not that long until the big day. In recent years I’ve been a bit of scrooge, but I feel like something’s really changed recently. It could be that I’m now married or that our brood of Niblings has grown to 4. If I’m honest, I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m definitely feeling more excited about the festive season.

I’ve recently been browsing the jumper section of George by Asda and I’ve found a few that I thought it worth sharing with you.

First up is this super cute bambi-esque number. There’s really very little doubt about the fact I WILL own this jumper. It’s too adorable for me not to. Don’t ask me what I’m planning to pair it with, I really don’t know. In all likeliness my usual casual uniform of high waisted jeans will do the job. Or possibly a circle skirt. At £12 you can’t really go wrong.


Next up from George is this black jumper with red sequin bows, because…well, red sequin bows.

red bow.jpg

And this polka dot Christmas tree number

xmas tree.jpg


The other jumpers I’m planning to get my grubby mitts on as the festive months roll in are these cuties by Hell Bunny. I’ve got visions of myself and my wife matching it up in a red and green one each!


There’s so many to choose that I’m not convinced I’ll be able to reduce it down to just one option. However, at the very reasonable price of £26 (ish), there’s no reason to have to restrict myself!!

 Finally, II wanted to take a look at Peacocks. There’s the fairisle style reindeer jumper I’ve already bought myself and am head over heels with. It’s really good quality, a nice fit and when Peacock hold their 20% off (go, go, go!!) it’s only £12.80!


I’m a little bit in love with this gingerbread themed jumper. Again, only £12.80 during the sale.


So tell me, what are you planning on wearing for the Christmas period (read: all of  December and maybe a smidge of January) this year?



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