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Glamour Empire – budget friendly fashion 

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I’m always been a big fan of a bargain, but can’t help but be a little cynical about budget fashion. We’ve all been there, you buy a lovely new dress at a fabulous price, only to find it is completely see through (I’m looking at you, Primark). I’m definitely no prude, but my colleagues certainly don’t need to be given a full viewing of my underwear when I go in to work.

DSC_1453 (2)
Glamour Empire is a fashion brand I hadn’t heard of until very recently. Having browsed their website there were a couple of items that took my fancy. Being a sucker for a bit of animal print, it’s no surprise that I chose this dress when GE gave me the opportunity to pick an item from their current range.

DSC_1461 (2)
I’ll be honest, considering the dress is priced at only £11.99 I wasn’t expecting a huge amount from it. My main fear was that it would be made of poor quality fabric and see through. When the dress arrived only one day after making my selection I was really impressed!

DSC_1459 (2)

DSC_1460 (2)

Whilst I’m a fan of full blown ramped up glamour, it’s not always appropriate for day to day wear, which is why I find it good to have a varying degrees of hotness hanging in my wardrobe.This dress would look equally good dressed down for day time or glammed up for an evening out. My current job requires me to dress both smartly and appropriately (I work in court) and I would definitely have no issues in rocking this dress to work. The material is heavy enough and thick enough to ensure that there are no issues with loss of dignity. There is some attractive touching under the bust and whilst the neckline can be worn low cut to reveal a bit of cleavage, it is also possible to raise it up higher to give it a more professional edge. Now I know I’m not exactly old, but as I’ve started creeping ever closer to the big 3-0 I’ve become less comfortable with showing too much leg. In my opinion, the length of this dress is absolutely perfect, hitting around the knee.


The only downside that I had noted so far is the fact that the material around the neckline has not been overlocked. This leaves the fabric susceptible to stretching and becoming misshapen over time. It is touches like this that give away the low cost of this item.

DSC_1465 (2)

I can definitely see myself wearing this dress as we move in to autumn teamed with some ankle boots or a pair of court shoes and a scarf. Going in to winter it will look great with a nice thick pair of black tights and knee high boots.
Whilst not everything on the website is exactly to my taste (too low cut or too short in length) there are definitely some other items that I would consider purchasing for myself in the future. I’d be really keen to know what you guys think of this dress.

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