They say January is the longest month…


…this year I think that June may be longer. The reason behind this, is that for the whole of June I have banned myself from shopping. Some of you may be thinking that’s no big deal, but I’m terrified. I guess you could say i have a problem. The photos above are the wardrobes in my dressing room (there’s another in a separate room and 2 sets of drawers) and some of my hair accessories. I look at clothes online on a DAILY basis! 

Having spent some time sorting through some bits to sell, I realised that I have some beautiful clothes. Many of them, bought over the past 3 months, still have their tags on them. I came to the conclusion that buying and owning beautiful clothes makes me feel better, but I never feel good enough to wear them. I have a bit of an issue with my self esteem (though this kit be hard fro some to believe) and I don’t feel worthy of wearing nice clothes, so I often find myself wearing the same items over and over.

Over the month of June, the only place I’m allowed to go shopping is in my own dressing room. I’m challenging myself to have the confidence to wear clothes I’ve never worn and create new outfits from the bits I already have. Stay tune over the next 5 weeks to see a) if I succeed and b) what I manage to pull together.

Wish me luck! =) 


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